…the mindset of inidinn

Our Company

we put our technical expertise in the domain of embedded software at the service of our customers to find innovating solutions for their technology products.

For this, we provide consulting in

  • strategy for IoT device portfolio creation and security,
  • software architecture and secure development,
  • innovation process and culture management,
  • software team management and training,
  • embedded software auditing

to high technology companies.

In addition, we develop embedded software for IoT industry start ups, enabling them to speed up their projects with a robust and secure turn key solution.

Our Values

Curiosity to learn new technologies

Creativity to find new ideas

Imagination to transform ideas into solutions

Excellence to implement these solutions

Our Vision

The raison d’être of technology is to

serve humans

by easing and enriching their life

We all feel this urging need to make things happen for the wellness of everyone:

  • Helping people in their day to day life making it easier and enabling them to focus on what really matters.
  • Figuring out a revolutionary new high tech process in industry.

To achieve that, innovation accuracy and it’s compliance to great ideas is the right ingredient.

If you add to this the Time to Market, you are right in the success tracks…

Our Mission

Transform our capability to


master and

innovate technology

into customer growth

Success is a matter of competence and creativity. As long as people should have new ideas and ability to turn them into reality, there will be room for great projects and exciting goals. inidinn creativity is totally devoted to its customer targets, by being a technical facilitator and making ideas become algorithm… and then algorithm come to life. Moreover, putting together customer’s ambition and our inidinn skills is the highest goal we want to reach! We are eager for your challenging R&D team to address us with their sharpest issues in order for us to share our highest know how and brightest vision of what technology can bring in people’s life.

Our World

Our ecosystem, where we evolve, consists of

Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, site Georges-Charpak

French engineers school providing Microelectronics and embedded Software education research. inidinn can relay on their technical competence as well as their logistic support in terms of facilities and network access.


Co-working organization, they grant inidinn with training, help and administrative services.


The Laboratoire d’Aix-périmentation de de Bidouille is a fablab in Aix en Provence, enthusiastic makers sharing knowledge and time to realize ideas.


The Carrefour de l’Innovation et du Numérique is the place to put together information and address any subjects related to the startup ecosystem.


As one of the biggest producer of microchips, STMicroelectronics is feeding the technology soil with the vital nutriment of its multiple embedded solutions and products.



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